Motorcyclists live the feeling of freedom and adventure. On the way you can enjoy all kinds of hazards, and may have great difficulty.

Submitted motorcycle ABS prevents the front wheels when braking, the driver reduces the risk of an accident. If the brakes on the front wheels, this almost always leads to an accident. According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), India is at the top of the list of countries with the highest number of deaths in road accidents. A significant percentage of these accidents involve motorcyclists. Another report by the organization ADAC concluded that about one fifth of all motorcycle accidents could have been avoided if the bike has been equipped with an antilock brake system (ABS).

To improve active safety, the international supplier of Continental tires expands electronic brake systems by introducing a model of single-channel ABS for motorcycles and small scooters.

The new model of ABS was designed specifically for markets lower capital, as in the case of Asia, so that the two wheels are equipped only with a hydraulic brake on the front wheel. Site Launch ABS production with a single channel is planned for early 2014.

Given that the volume of the box is less than 300 cubic centimeters, weighing about 420 grams, motorcycle ABS is easy, so is ideal for a wide range of models of motorcycles and scooters. ABS controls the front wheel lock stop even for a panic brake controller, thereby avoiding an accident. A sensor constantly monitors the speed of the rotation speed of the front wheels so that the algorithms of the control unit can calculate when the brakes could cause blockage of the front tire. In this case, the system reduces the pressure of the brake, thereby avoiding the loss of directional stability.

ABS A channel is the latest product in the portfolio of Continental systems Motorcycle: Motorcycle Integral Brake systems and anti-lock brakes (ABS Motorcycle Channel 2).

According to our motto “Safety for All”, we want the new ABS for motorcycles to be available to all our customers and we know that more and more drivers are safe on two wheels, “said Murali Srinivasan, CEO of Continental Automotive Brake India Systems.

Strong demand from Asia is demonstrated by a study of the global study of traffic safety by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2009, therefore concluded that approx. 28% of traffic accidents in India and China were involved drivers with two or three-wheel vehicles.

Countries such as Indonesia and Thailand, the figure rose to 61% and 70%. DEKRA 2010 report traffic from Germany showed that ABS can prevent accidents or at least reduce the severity of their impact. In conclusion that 25% -35% of serious accidents analyzed in the report could have been avoided if motorcycles were equipped with ABS. “Using large-scale web ABS for motorcycles and scooters contribute significantly reduce the number of serious injuries and deaths” concluded Murali Srinivasan.