If you have a boiler, fireplace, stove etc. Their use, will generate dirt in the combustion process and this is accumulated in the smoke gun. Soot are carbon particles emanating from the combustion of wood, coal or fuels. Contains coal along with other components such as oxides, sulfuric acid, fuel products ….

One of the main causes of fire in homes with fireplaces, are because of the dirt that accumulate the chimneys and boilers, in addition, the soot diminishes the performance of the equipment increasing significantly consumption and pollution.

In most European countries regulations require the cleaning of solid fuel chimneys at least once a year. In Spain, on the contrary, there is no clear legislation in this regard, although the new “Technical Building Regulations” does recommend cleaning chimneys and chimneys once a season.

How can we clean chimneys?

There are two ways to clean the chimney: from above and below.

The traditional form has always been from above, using the so-called “weigh”, and that until today has proven effective. But the risk of falls, the breaking and sliding of tiles, as well as the limitations imposed by the climatology in many cases advise against its use.

The current form of cleaning with the new tools and equipment available, from the interior of the house make this system more advisable as far as facilities permit.