With a swipe and a click on your screen, you can turn furniture into your living room and paint on the walls. Which furniture will fit and how does that color paint on the wall? Here are 5 handy apps to help you with the layout of your apartment.

Home Design 3D: with this free app you can build your own house in 2D or 3D. There is a database with furniture and accessories that you can place in your apartment. You can adjust this as you like, for example in size and color. View your home as if you were there in real time 3D. You can even see it in daylight or at night.

Flexi: Do you doubt which color fits in your bedroom, living room or kitchen? With the free Flexi app you can immediately see how a certain color will stand. Point the camera of your Samsung on the wall and choose in the app which color you want on it. This works in real time and you can switch between colors. Nice to see if that blue is what you had in mind.

Numbers: A database full of furniture and accessories from real brands gives you the opportunity to set up your room via your smartphone. You take pictures of your apartment and place the furniture in it or you use a template. Eventually you can share your creation via all social media. The app is free.

Planner 5D – Interior Design: Easy to use, with many possibilities. The free version already offers many possibilities to organize your own homemade spaces, and with the paid version you have access to a large catalog. Use the 2D, 3D and virtual reality modes to view your newly furnished room.

Choose from the many items to decorate your house in your own way. Make your own map and combine colors and textures.

By using useful apps you get more insight into what is possible in the space you want to furnish. It is not only fun to see how your room will look like, but you can also save a bad buy.