The profession of real estate agent began to be exercised multiplied during the time of the ‘boom’. Hundreds of new ‘professionals’ from the brick emerged from under the stones to make gold with the bulging business that was forged with the disproportionate upward climb in housing prices. However, the practices during this period were not exactly the most ethical. The intrusion and the will to want to fill the ‘pockets’ as much as possible made many exercised the profession in any way.

The real estate collapse of the country and the screening of more than 80% of real estate agencies since 2006, has cleared the outlook of false APIs and over time have only been the best. If you want to set up a real estate agency or work as a real estate commercial, training and updating will be the keys to success.

The keys of the good API

To be not only a good Real Estate Agent (API), but also the best, several experts in the sector guide us:

Experience. A professional with four years of experience accumulates sufficient knowledge to practice. Without a doubt, the saying “experience is a degree” is totally real in this profession. What has been learned during years of profession is more valuable than all the theoretical knowledge.

The academic formation. The first thing a person who wants to undertake in the real estate profession should do is access a training program through a good real estate school that prepares him in disciplines of marketing, communication, technology, and basic legal knowledge related to the profession.

Additional training. Having a good training from the beginning is essential, be aware of new techniques and strategies to sell, such as home staging, the ‘open house’, etc… IF the API wants to ‘grow’ can sign up for intensive courses, conferences and conferences or even more important studies like master’s degrees or higher studies?

Upgrade on the latest technologies. Having a good training from the start is essential, however, be aware of new techniques and strategies to sell online, social networks, email or mobile technology is almost more. Learn how to develop a strategy of marketing a home using the Internet, incorporate the Internet element in the marketing plan of your personal branding, use, for example Social Media to create synergies with your competition … it is necessary and useful to score points competitive differentials of a real estate professional.

The personal treatment with the client. Knowing how to sell requires knowing how to deal pleasantly, correctly and educated both owners and buyers. Training is not the most important thing if we are unpleasant to the clients we deal with. It is also a fundamental part. “Undoubtedly the personal treatment provided will be the key to loyalty, to become a” customer forever. Winning your trust, knowing what the customer really wants and knowing the product very well to know what is best for you will be the keys to success.