The sale of a property depends on many factors that determine the price and time in the market, all sellers want to carry out the transaction in the shortest time possible and get the highest price for their property, to achieve these two goals is necessary to prepare the conditions.

From the moment you decide to sell a property, the owner must begin to detach emotionally from it and make the necessary changes to make it attractive to the buyer. You must remove family photos, remove all personal effects from the environment that prevent you from showing the potential of the property.

It may be necessary to make some investment in housing, always trying to make it minimal. If when checking the doors, faucets, and floors we see that something is deteriorated, then there is no choice but to replace it. It is not necessary to buy expensive products, it is enough that they are new and they agree with the style of the house.

Houses with less furniture are often sold faster than overcrowded properties, with bathrooms and kitchens filled with household utensils. It is advisable to remove the furniture that is in the middle of the passage of the potential buyer or in front of the windows and obstruct the entrance of natural light.

Cleanliness is something we should not neglect when showing the property. A good idea is to do a thorough cleaning and set the house with pleasant smells. They say the smell of a freshly baked cookie produces a homey feeling.


  • Property number must be visible and legible
  • Lights on at dusk
  • Trash collection
  • Garage door or clean carpet
  • Doors and windows clean and without broken glass
  • The doorbell and the lock in good condition
  • Retouching paint on doors, window frames and roof edges
  • The front garden and / or yard with cut grass and good looking
  • Trees trimmed so that they can see the property
  • Investing in affordable flower plants will add a personal touch
  • Inspect the roof and make necessary repairs or replacement of broken tiles
  • Water stains or similar on walls should be removed
  • Fences must be in good condition and clean
  • Wash all windows inside and out


  • The lights should be on and the curtains open during the day when it is displayed
  • The temperature should be pleasant in winter or summer as required
  • Fresh flowers or plants in the rooms
  • The paint on the walls must be retouched
  • Drawers and doors in cabinets, closets and closets must be closed
  • Restrooms must function properly
  • Hinged door hinges
  • The clean mirrors
  • Retouch joints for sinks and bathtubs
  • Clean floors and clean garbage bins
  • The interior of the organized closets
  • Valuable items out of reach, stored in a safe place
  • Children and pets must be absent or in care while the property is displayed
  • Avoid painting the entire property unless it is essential
  • White or pastel colors are the most recommended if necessary
  • In winter the fireplace is lit for home warmth
  • Kitchen counters should be organized and clean
  • Appliances must be clean

Following the above recommendations and accepting the suggestions, our clients have managed to sell their properties in a period of time less than their expectations. Putting the property on the market with the right price according to the comparable and based on our experience also helps our sellers achieve their goal faster, I guarantee that the sale of your property can be successful and a pleasant experience.