Decorating a home can be a bit complicated. Much more if it is a house for sale or for rent. We are increasingly concerned about the experience of home and design. But, do we do it well? It is proven that a well-decorated house for sale or rent is selling faster. We cannot deny that it supposes an added value and a higher quality for the user. So if you have put your house for sale or want to improve the design of your home, we leave you some of the most common mistakes found by designers:

  1. Choose bright colors and lights. Many people take advantage of what they have. As a result, unsuitable colors are chosen for some spaces that must “take advantage of the paint pot in the garage.” In addition, they are accompanied by the lighting that was previously. In this way, if we use white to light the room and accompany it with a cold light, it can give us the feeling of being in an office. You have to adapt the warmth and clarity of the light to the colors that accompany them.
  2. Hang the frames too high. Filling the walls with photographs or art is an original and relatively easy idea. However, we usually spend with height. We are afraid that it will clash with the furniture. But no, you have to hang the frames at eye level. In fact, preferably, we should be guided by a woman’s level of vision.
  3. Go for it safe. You do not have to be basic. You have to take risks and handle several proposals. Having different scenarios in mind can help us discard what we do not want and direct us to our goal
  4. Believe that we always do the right thing. You have to be critical. Therefore, the most important thing is to have several opinions and learn from our mistakes. And, if necessary, hire a professional.