When you have the need to buy or sell a property you may need to contact an expert to help expedite the process: a real estate broker , but now when you are so afraid of falling into a scam, the question arises “How to choose a real estate broker of confidence?”.

Learn how to identify a reliable real estate broker specialized in buying, selling and renting properties.

Real estate broker must be registered

As a client of a real estate broker you can investigate if that is registered in the Real Estate Agents List of the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation. Those can register in this relationship as natural or legal persons. The group of people who are in it are the only ones that have authorization from the State to act as brokers.

Learn about the corridor experience

Just as when you are hiring any professional is important to know the experience that that has in the sector to know if it is reliable. To know more about his experience, it is possible to ask him for the record of the last operations in which he has had participation.

Knowing this data will allow you to know more about your abilities to position a property in the market and achieve its sale or rent.

In addition to experience, it is also important to know your reputation. This can be known informally through forums and social networks, and also formally.

Sign a contract

Things must be clear from the beginning with a real estate broker. In that sense, you must manage a contract that stipulates the functions that will have, if you have the exclusivity of the property or not, the percentage of profit you get, etc.

Real estate specialists advise that you always have a lawyer before signing the contract so you can review it in detail and avoid loose ends. In a matter of percentages, the commission for the sale of real estate brokers usually fluctuates between 3% and 5%.

These three tips will allow you to choose a real estate broker of confidence and achieve transparent transactions.