If you have decided to sell your house, either because it is a second property or because you plan to move, you should know that you need to prepare your property, not only in appearance, but take care of the necessary documentation.

The group of families with purchasing capacity in the country reaches 600 thousand.

Here are some tips from real estate agents to sell your house.

Define the price. If the appraisal of the municipality or bank is not in accordance with the market, compare your home with a similar one in your area.

Papers in order. Have ready a deed of sale, the data of the property registry and a plan of the house.

Attend quickly. Answer customer calls or emails as soon as possible. If you do not, another can make a sale.

Flexible hours. If you miss an appointment you could be losing the ideal sales opportunity.

Evaluate rent. If you have several offers that do not convince you, then consider renting your property for a while.