A home inspection real estate checklist helps realtors and buyers compare homes under consideration. They also provide a summary of the general state of the home and tell you what areas of the home may need repairs or upgrades. A comprehensive list of five major categories covers the key components of any home.


We fix it on the ceiling and the elements that are connected to it or that protrude from it, including the fascia and the soffit. You will look for missing components and weathered places where they may have developed leaks. When looking at walls, doors and windows pay attention to your overall condition while checking for damage or excessive wear. Door hardware can be weathered and worn and does not work easily when turned. Look for signs that the door has been forced or if the wood has been broken near the bolt or bolt. Check carefully for insects and damage and note that where you see rot.


Start with the attic and look for any signs of water intrusion, check the amount of insulation and the overall condition. Check all rooms for cracks in the ceilings and walls, damage to the plaster and places that need to be painted. Also note the condition of molding, doors and windows. Note if they are fresh and clean or dirty, stained or damaged. Check if all windows open easily. Inspect floors and floor coverings for staining, cracking or damage.


Inspect the elements of electricity, heating and air conditioning systems. Look for problems in the electrical system such as lights not working, broken plugs or switches and the absence of GFCI or GFCI circuit, shots in bathrooms and kitchens. Run the heating and cooling using the thermostat to verify that they work properly and inspect them to see if they appear well maintained. Also, we fix in fireplaces and stoves of wood or pellet and take into account its conditions.


Inspect paved sidewalks and sidewalks looking for raised or broken sections. Pay attention to gardening and take into account the general health of plants, if there is an irrigation system and how much maintenance is necessary. Make note of any torn and visible landscape fabric that sticks through the bedrock or bark. Note If the trees are too large or if they appear to have been maintained and pruned? Look for hazards such as uneven patio pavers and broken fence sections.

Pipes and fittings

In bathrooms and kitchen look for dripping faucets, water under sinks and water or tile damage in showers and bathtubs. Wash the toilet; Note If it continues to run or there is a leak in the supply valve. Check the age of the water heater and look for leaks near the base or its connections. Also, check to see if all the appliances that are included in the sale work.